Stickers -- Your Best Friend

In the past, it was a challenge to find a local designer, printing service and then pay a hefty cost just to get your materials made, printed as well as shipped. In this digital world, it’s a lot easier, as online sticker printing providers can easily do the work for you at an affordable price.

Thank you, Internet!

StickerMarket is one great solution to the challenge. They continue innovate. While many of us might think of a sticker being circle or square and small in size, Brands are getting quite creative with their branding efforts.

Check out how brands showing us many creative ways with their own custom made stickers.

Business Cards that have built-in stickers

We get easily engaged with a simple business card, but how cool would it be to have a business card that actually “sticks” with your customers? Things is, when you give out business card alone, there’s a huge chance it will just get stuck inside a bag or drawer but if you will have a sticker on it, there’s a good chance your loyal customers will place the sticker on their laptop, car or refrigerator. Lesson here is: If you are going to invest in something, make it awesome so it’s worth it.

Have a unique wedding experience

Little things matter, and this is true especially during a wedding. The cute tiny details are very important. We have had clients fully customized a graphic of the bride and the groom into stickers.

Requests for a WiFi password again and again

How many times have you went to a local coffee shop and bugged the staffs for wanting to know the WiFi password ? A lot of coffee shops have come up a great idea for their stickers, which not only made the WiFi password easily accessible but as well spread their branding in the process.

Product Labels that are cool Stickers

When we think of food or drink labels, we normally think of it as part of the production process. However, for small businesses, the label on the products are often just stickers! The coolest thing about having sticker labels is that it’s not only cheap, but it also gives you the liberty to customise your designs. Find some samples here.


Make school activities fun by adding stickers

In college, for example, the team games, the entire are some things you will never forget. In addition to everything fun that is going on, throwing college-branded stickers- advertising what is going to happen next sounds like a nice idea.

With customised stickers becoming more and more affordable online, now is the best time, to start creating stickers for your site or brand.