How We Print
Your Stickers

You might be wondering how we print your stickers.

Basic definition of printing is, a process of replicating designs either on paper or vinyl material. With the advent of new technologies, a lot of printing variations have now come out. Currently, StickerMarket offers Offset Printing, Digital Printing, and Silk Printing.

Offset Printing – this is a printing method that uses plates. Here, an image is transferred to a rubber blanket. The next process involves rolling that image for printing on a sheet of paper. This is the best option when you wanted to print larger quantities providing accurate colours reproduction, crisp and professionally clean looking outcome. Fun fact: It is called offset because the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper.

What is Digital Printing?

Unlike offset printing, digital printing doesn't use plates. It prefers other options such as toners (like in laser printers) or larger printers that use liquid ink. Digital printing has great highlighting capabilities when lower quantities are needed. When each piece of sticker is needing a unique code, name or address, digital printing is the perfect choice. Offset printing does not offer such capabilities.

How StickerMarket Prints Your Stickers

Here are other stages which requires careful attention because a tiny mismatch could ruin the entire design.

Colour Matching

Most of our clients provide the CMYK Code or Pantone colours to match their designs perfect for their branding. Hence, in times when we fall short of expectations which is inevitable we understand clients’ frustrations. It is the very important to take note of the exact CYMK and to let our experienced team of designers share the thoughts on your colours and design combinations for professional guidance.

Actual Stickers Actual Sticker
Submitted Artwork Submitted Artwork

Cutting and Packing

Aside from various printing processes, StickerMarket also introduces you to various types of cutting styles. Although we give the clients the liberty to choose the style of cut they prefer, currently, we are well-versed in kiss cut, die cut and split backing. Kiss cut stickers have the light cut within the border of the design but keeps the paper backing intact. This makes it easier to peel stickers from the back. Die cut stickers on the other hand are cut according to the exact shape of the sticker, all throughout the paper backing. Lastly, split backing is a special process allowing you to peel off stickers at the backing of the paper.

When packing, we pack our stickers with so much care. Checking through every aspect prior to delivery. Our stickers are packed with bubble-wrap which is necessary to avoid distortions on the sticker sides. Upon delivery, customers should receive stickers exactly as where they have it in anticipation.

StickerMarket Cutting and Packing Stickers