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  • Q Is the membership free?

    A Yes, it is free of charge. Hence, you will earn points once you sign up on our website. Register now!
  • Q What are the benefits of being a member?


    We will give 2 points for new members upon signing up. Hence, you will earn more points for every completed order. Also, as your membership ranked up, you will receive special perks like business card coupons plus free shipping. Most importantly, you will experience hassle-free and easy to reorder your previous purchase.

  • Q I forgot my password. Can I request a new one?


    Yes, you can by clicking Forgot Password on the Login page. We will send a temporary password to your registered email address. 

  • Q I haven't received a temporary password.


    Is the email address you entered, correct? Or have you tried checking it in your Spam box? If neither is the case, please send us an email at info@stickermarket.co.uk or contact our Customer Service at 020 8144 5554.

  • Q I forgot my email address.


    Please send us an email to info@stickermarket.co.uk or contact our Customer Service at 020 8144 5554.

  • Q How can I change my login information?


    You can change it by going to your profile on your account.

  • Q Can I register multiple accounts?


    We suggest to register one account per person.

  • Q How can I deactivate my account?


    You may go to your profile on your account and click Deactivate. You are required to enter your password to confirm the deactivation.

  • Q How to place an order?


    We have different ways of placing an order with us. You may click this link to read more or watch this video.

  • Q Can I place an order even if I am not a member?


    Yes, non-members can still place an order. Once you added the item to your cart, you may choose "Non-member" to proceed. However, we recommend creating an account on our website to enjoy the perks we offer to members.

  • Q Can I place an order via phone or email?


    Unfortunately, we only accept orders placed on our website. You may check our products on the home page.

  • Q How can I check my order details?


    We will send you an email once the order is complete. You can also check it on the Order section of your account on our website.