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Five Sticker Design Jargons You Need to Know

Posted by StickerMarket on November 26, 2020

Before you launch your business, you need to coordinate with your graphic designer in order to create a unique logo to put in your promotional tools such as stickers. You can’t avoid miscommunication when working with someone but it can be prevented if you know the basic terms. By knowing these terms, you can give concise instructions to them and there will be no room for mistakes on you and the designer’s end. Below are the basic terms that will be useful in communicating with a professional graphic designer.


Whenever you play on your computer, TV, or any electronic screen, you can see pixels. Pixel is a short word for picture element and it is known to be the smallest part of an image or graphic. In addition, the number of pixels in an image is called the resolution. The more pixels your artwork has, the better it will look once it is printed.


Raster vs. Vector

When it comes to graphics and finalizing a sticker design, you should have a brief knowledge of the difference between raster and vector graphics. You can easily distinguish these two once you size down and up the artwork. If the artwork’s edges look sharp and not pixelated, that is definitely a vector graphic that is typically saved in a .pdf form while a raster graphic’s artwork will look pixelated and distorted once you size it up but it will be unnoticeable if you decrease the size and raster artworks are saved in .jpg, .gif, and .png files. Having the best designers team, we can help you convert your raster artwork to vector artwork to provide custom stickers in a higher-resolution. 


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PPI (Pixels Per Inch) and DPI (Dots Per Inch) have distinct meanings but if you are referring to an image, PPI simply measures the number of pixels on electric devices. While a DPI only measures the number of dots per inch that printing equipment can be printable per page. In relation to the definition of pixels, the artwork or images that have more pixels are likely to have good quality stickers once it is printed. 

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Pixels, raster, vector, PPI, and DPI are just the five basic terms you need to know when coordinating with a professional graphic designer. Here at StickerMarket, we are able to showcase your personality with our premium stickers and our team of professional graphic designers is approachable and easy to work with. Stop looking for two things; a printing company and a professional graphic designer when you can have both once you choose us today.