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How to clean windows after using stickers

Posted by StickerMarket on January 25, 2019

Decorating windows with window stickers is a lot of fun. But once it wraps up, the decorations have to be wrapped up too if you don’t want to be known in the neighborhood as someone that keeps special decorations up for months.

Residue and stains are quite a challenge- very painful to tidy up after. So here’s how. But first, here are the two things that you will need  (1) is a microfiber cloth and (2) a cleaning solution.

Let’s begin. 

1.    Get a cloth and dampen it with water. Use it to wipe the dirt that built upon the window. 
2.    With the cleaning solution on hand, spray it up on the gummy area let that sit for up to 10 minutes. This makes it easier the residue to remove on the window.
3.    Slightly scrub the residue off using the microfiber cloth. You might have not able to get rid of all the residue at one time so you may have to scrub a little more and repeat these steps until the residue is gone.

Looking for more ways to keep your business or home clean from sticker residue? Check out our blog because we will keep posting simple pieces of advice and DIY techniques to make life a little stressful. 

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