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What is a Swing Tag and its Purpose

Posted by StickerMarket on August 24, 2022

What is a Swing Tag?

A swing tag or hang tag is a piece of paper stock or cardboard used for product labelling. It has a hole to securely attached the string to any retail products. It comes in different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.

Choosing the appropriate materials to use must come to mind first. Paper is the most frequently and widely used material, especially in garments. You can have coated or uncoated paper stock, kraft paper or recycled paper. After choosing the appropriate paper materials, pair them with string to hang.

What is the Purpose of a Swing Tag?

Swing tags also known as swing tickets can be the best powerful marketing tool used in any retail product. It may be a small item, but its purpose is to convey product information. It drives sales and hooks your target audience. Using tags is way more efficient when labelling your apparel and other clothing product to avoid damaging the garments.

What Information is on a Swing Tag?

Custom swing tags come from putting vital details and elements. It should complement what you are trying to sell to boost brand awareness. Note that it has limited space, so you should manage to incorporate all the details accordingly.

Listed below are the essential elements when making a tag for your product:


      - Fonts and Colours

Did you know that certain types of fonts and colours can evoke emotions? Many smaller businesses are now applying the Psychology of fonts to their branding and advertising, and so do you. Why? Because humans are visual creatures and are more likely to respond based on the features of the design.


       - Business Logo

Hang tags are a powerful form of advertising. Adding a business logo can boost brand recognition. It is your brand identity, one that could differentiate your business in a world full of “me-too products.” Your tag may contain limited space, so be mindful of how you incorporate it.


     - Price and QR Code

The first question your customer might ask is about the price. Always put the price so they can check if your product is worth exchanging their hard-earned money or not. QR code is also a must so people can access more information about your products and services that may increase your sales.


       - Tagline

If you sum up your products or services, what would they be? That is where your tagline comes from. It is a catchy phrase that summarises your business that is also a part of your marketing strategy. Keep it short, simple and memorable.


       - Brand Message

While tagline and brand message imparts your marketing message, they are different. Your brand message is what your product has promised to deliver. You will tell your customers why it is worth doing business with you. Your brand message differs you from your competitors and gives you an edge on the competition.

Social-Media-Pages-and -Website-URL-swing-tags

       - Social Media Pages and Website URL

Maximise your promotion using hang tags and add your social media pages and website URL. It increases social media engagements and boosts brand presence online. People using your product can tag or mention your page, which is excellent.


      - Contact Business Number

It pays to include a business number in your swing tickets. Your potential customers may have queries or concerns about the product. Calling customer service might be the best option to do. You are easing their worries which is a great advantage to your business.

Promoting goods and services requires effort, creativity and innovation. Custom swing tags are a huge factor in increasing your sales.

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