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How to Gain Customers With Business Cards

Posted by StickerMarket on August 05, 2020

Typically, people can’t live without phones but business owners can’t live without having business cards on their wallets because who might know today is their lucky day to meet new clients who are in need of their services. Nonetheless, a business card is considered as an essential accessory to every entrepreneur. By giving away professional cards to people, you give them the opportunity to get to know more about your business and contact you anytime they are in need of your services. Traditional marketing has always been an effective way to gain customers so expect that your competitors are doing the same thing that you are doing now. If you want to outsmart them, here are simple yet effective ways on how to gain customers and make a good lasting impression on them.

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Add an accent to your product packaging 
Word of mouth is one of the classic marketing strategies but in this modern age where the Internet is one of the prevailing mediums of marketing. The classic word-of-mouth tactic needs a new-fashioned twist. Attach your premium business cards in the packaging of your product so that if your customer’s friends and colleagues compliment your product, your customer can hand down the cards to them. This is one of the effortless ways you can achieve excellent marketing and customer relations. 

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Make special days and holiday season in your favour

Always mark your calendar when special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day are fast approaching. It’s the best time to get creative with your personalised business cards and take advantage of events where people are willing to spend money to make their loved ones special. Create a functional card wherein you put your contact details and a discount code so that they’ll be able to purchase your products and repurchase them once they are longing for it. To make this more effective, you can give these cards a week before the occasion and encourage your customers to give those cards to their loved ones for them to enjoy.

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Expose it to the public
Bulletin boards are a good venue for giving out business cards since it is accessible to crowded areas like schools, coffee shops, and libraries. This can be successfully done if it’s close to your target market and to ask permission to those who are in charge of the area in order to validate if you are allowed to promote your business in it. Aside from having exquisite business cards, you can also get creative and turn your logo into a custom sticker.   

Now you’re ready to apply these three simple tactics on your business card then it's time to look for a calling card provider to fulfill your needs. Here at StickerMarket, we guarantee you that we offer a competitive price point like no other. Enjoy purchasing cheap business cards with 8 options to choose from.