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Bumper Sticker Designs That You Shouldn’t Be Using

Posted by StickerMarket on January 28, 2021

There are many cases that authorities are advising the public to stop putting bumper stickers on their personal vehicles. If you are planning to use it personally or give it away to your loved ones, you shouldn’t be worried that they won’t be using it anymore. Instead, take precautionary measures when it comes to designing it and you should make sure that it won’t put your loved ones' safety at risk. 

If you have no idea what are designs you shouldn’t be using? Here is the list of the things you should avoid to have a successful marketing campaign and at the same time keep your loved ones safe. 

A design that can attract stalkers and thieves

It is proven that using bumper stickers that involve your friends and family’s personal information can easily prey upon stalkers and thieves. In a world that everything is worth sharing with the world, the last thing that you should do is avoid creating personalised stickers that involve your loved ones’ names. As someone giving it away, you should not put them in danger but you should think smart and fully aware of the risks in giving personalised presents before it will turn sour.

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Don’t share intimate moments about your family 

If you are planning to give away custom labels that remind your family about their favourite Christmas getaway? You better think twice before you print it even if you think it is a benevolent act but it is an opportunity to give hints to burglars when your families and friends will be on vacation and their homes left unattended. To make it more safe and more fun for them to put car bumper labels, you should start asking questions when designing your stickers and labels to a professional designer.

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In giving away bumper stickers, you should make it as generic as possible such as your loved ones' go-to quote from their favourite song, movie, or from influential celebrities and artists. In this way, law offenders won’t get a sneak peek of your family and friends’ personal information, and their vehicles are criminal-proof.  

Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, our printing expertise got you covered. For high-quality premium custom stickers at an affordable price, you can always turn to us here at StickerMarket, one of the reputable sticker printing companies that provide free delivery with a fast turnaround time UK-wide.