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Questions to ask when designing your stickers and labels

Posted by StickerMarket on March 06, 2019

First, choosing quality materials for your stickers and labels is very important in branding. It’s also important to consider the colour and while also making sure that the font size and style you choose can be read from a distance and that the colours facilitate legibility from afar.

 A perfect example would be a Bumper Sticker. Compared to other types of stickers, this is bolder. It lasts longer and can also be used for both indoor and outdoor applications making it more beneficial and efficient as a promotional material because it is economical.  

The second important factor to consider is the psychological interpretation of colours when designing the entire package: silver labels exude sophistication, elegance and a high-tech feel.  A brown paper label like our kraft paper helps convey earthiness, reliability, and sustainability; blue packaging sends a message associated with trust and authority.

When creating a memorable, distinctive sticker or label

Labels and packaging must stand out. The more unique the label and sticker is, the better! Whether you’re designing labels for a bottle of wine that will appear in-store or stickers for your line of personally-branded products, it’s a must to consider how the label will be presented, hence, lighting, and shelving and presentation matter. Furthermore, when designing custom labels for personal usage, your design will have more impact if it’s clean and neat.  Ensure success with your label designs by asking yourself the following questions:

1.    Is this label unique?
2.    Does it have a clear message that accurately reflects the product and the brand?
3.    Will your customers find it appealing and good?

By doing this, you’re simply putting a test in your product making sure it is good, and competitive before final engagement.

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