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7 Creative Ways to Use Branded Stickers to Spread Brand Awareness

Posted by StickerMarket on December 22, 2022

Getting creative and playful with stickers in your marketing tool helps get your name out there. It only requires a minimal budget but could generate revenue if done correctly.

"Stickers are the old school social media and have been very helpful for over six decades until now. It helps establish and boost brands, political and marketing campaigns, build companies, and start conversations." — Duct Tape Marketing

The said statement above remains true even up to these days. So never ignore the usefulness of custom stickers in your small business.

It can do wonder for your business, helps boost brand awareness, and spruce up your plain product packaging. 

Below are the seven helpful ideas to use branded stickers to your advantage. What are the different ways you can employ it to keep your brand in the minds of your target customers?

Lo and behold, let us start now:


                                                                     Photo by: Pactivate

Spice up Packaging With Branded Stickers

A great branding solution comes with customise packaging that speaks about your company. A simple branded sticker with your logo helps the customer identify your brand. Beautify your packaging with art paper stickers to eliminate boredom and adds attraction.


Make the customers feel excited to unbox the packaging by showing value in your product packaging presentation.


Make Announcement With Promotional Stickers

Are you launching new products or services? Promotional stickers can help you spread the news without breaking the bank. Your marketing budget can never go wrong since stickers are cheap yet effective for promotional purposes.

It travels from one place to another and encounters a lot of people. Making an announcement about your upcoming sale is possible using this medium. If the design and the message you convey are clear and catchy, more people will be hooked on your offline advertisement.

Include-Freebie-Sticker- in-Your-Parcel

Include Freebie Stickers in Your Parcel

Excellent product packaging gives a positive first impression from your customers. But unboxing the parcel is another thing, especially if it includes freebies aside from the items they purchased. Everyone likes to receive free gifts.

You can include stickers with a catchy design but still associated with your brand. The design could also be words of affirmation they can stick to their favourite items. Be creative as you want, so long as it helps boost brand recognition.


Give Your Product Label a Personal Touch

Labelling a product with a twist of personal touch makes your product stand out on the shelf. People can recognise your brand easily because of its distinct design that draws attention. You may be offering the same product as the others, but let customers differentiate yours from competitors.

Say you were selling homemade baked goods. Custom stickers are an integral part of labelling to level up the product presentation. It also helps customers know what food they consume, who is the maker, and when is the expiration date.


Customise Store Signages With Outdoor Stickers

Planning to open a coffee shop or dress boutique as a start-up business? Customising your store signages using custom decals is a brilliant idea. Make your store known by placing your business name and logo in your window glass. 

You can also apply vinyl lettering to put the store hours or transparent stickers to let those people passing by see what is inside the store. 

Use-Vehicle-Stickers-as -Portable-Billboard

Use Vehicle Stickers as Portable Billboard

Bumper stickers are a perfect promotional tool if you want to place them in the vehicle. It acts as your mini billboard to capture attention, especially when stuck in traffic. The simple hack? Make the offer and the design catchy enough, so people seeing it cannot help but be curious about your advertisement.

Making them aware of your brand presence is an effective marketing strategy. 


Express Gratitude With Thank You Stickers

Thinking of ways to express gratitude and appreciation to your customers? A simple thank you sticker attached to your product packaging is perfect. With that, use a classic paper sticker since it is writable. You can handwrite your personal message there to make it more personalised.

Your effort helps create an emotional connection with your customers and could set you apart from your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Imagine how a simple and versatile custom sticker can cater to different branding needs. Stickers are classic social media that never goes out of style, no matter the digital era. It will continue to serve its purpose, either personal, political, or business.

Hope you find this article helpful in strategising your marketing using branded stickers.