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5 Best Reasons Why Custom Decals are Versatile to Use

Posted by StickerMarket on December 06, 2022

Are you wondering what makes custom decals great for outdoor applications? Why do people keep on using them either for business or personal purposes?

It is because of its versatility and flexibility. Implementing decals in your marketing approach should never be ignored. It is best for long-term ad display and reaches many potential clients from different places at an affordable price.

But it depends on where you intend to apply your custom decals for advertisement or decorative purposes. Signage with clear visibility for your brick-and-mortar store plays a vital role in your business. Why? Around 60% of customers said that the absence of signage from a store or business keeps them from entering inside. (FedEx)

You have to identify what your business is about, and signs could help your potential customers find your store.

In this article, you will learn about why custom decals are versatile to use and what are the other decals used for:


Floor Decals

Do you need a safety floor marker in your office or business establishment? Floor decals are the perfect solution to achieve your goals. It can also be used as part of your advertising solution, especially if you are operating shopping malls and department stores.

Floor graphics are inexpensive yet effective when it comes to promoting your brands. It can also be used for sharing information (precautions), giving directions, and it attracts customers’ attention. 


Window Decals

Installing window decals is a must if you run a small coffee shop, small boutique, or other businesses along the street. You might wonder about the possible designs you can incorporate into it.

Window decals can be your business logo that is visible and recognisable to your audience. Putting business hours in your storefront is also efficient. You can use vinyl lettering decals, so it is easy to read.


Car Decals

Upgrading your car exterior can be done by vehicle decals with your preferred design. Do you want to use it in your promotional tool? Or do you want to personalise it based on your personality?

Whatever you desire, it pays to look for a reliable sticker printing company that could exceed your needs.


Wall Decals

Are you planning to change the interior setting of your nursery room? Say you have an upcoming baby, and you want the design of his room extra special. You can always customise the nursery room by installing wall decals.

There are plenty of designs you can choose from. Instead of painting manually, wall decals made the job easier for you to get done. You only need to know the proper application, and voila! It’s done! 


Bike Decals

Adding stickers on your car is no different than adding stickers on your bike. People want to mark their territory and make a statement about themselves. It is also for personalisation, differentiating yourself from the other cyclist, and expressing your personal belief.

Final Thoughts

Custom decals are widely used when advertising business because it is flexible. It is also inexpensive, guarantees return on investment, and is for long-term display purposes. You can fully enjoy its advantages if done correctly.