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QandE swing tags

Four Important Swing Tag Details You Need to Put

Posted by StickerMarket on September 18, 2020

Effective branding starts with educating your customers about your brand and your products. There is no other promotional material that can do that effortlessly like swing tags. Hang tags are commonly used in accessories, clothes, homemade products, and more. You can never imagine what a simple tag can contribute to your business’ success. Before you place some cute tags on your products, here are some important parts you shouldn’t forget.

Business logo

Your logo is what makes you different and you should never forget to attach your custom logo in every product you sell by putting it in your swing tags. This will help your customers to have a memory of your brand and they’ll easily recall your products too. For more impact, you may put your tagline below your logo.

anaka swim custom tags

Contact information 

If they can’t get enough of your products, they might look for your business number, email, and your official website. Don’t give them a hard time in searching for it and lay all that important information in your hangtag. You might also put your business’ social media handles wherein they can easily tag your page whenever they take a photo of their purchase and leave good feedback on their caption (that would be an effortless advertising spree for you). 

organic peanut butter treats swing tags

Product information

You should never forget to give them important information about your products such as ingredients, price, care instructions. This is very important to avoid disappointed customers for using a certain product ingredient that might trigger their allergies because you didn’t put any information that they must know about your product.

art finish custom swing tags

QR code 

If you think that all these parts won’t fit on your custom swing tags, you can just print a QR code that will lead them to all the things they need to know on your brand and the product through scanning it with their smartphones. A QR code usually consumes a lot of space so be smart about putting it and seek a professional graphic designer on this matter.

qr code stickers

Make your business reputable and able to compete with other businesses by thinking of a great brand tactic and look for a reliable local printing company in the UK and know what set of questions to ask when designing your stickers and labels to experience success fast. 

Here at StickerMarket, we offer graphic design services and our hang tags are available in uncoated, matte, and glossy finishes.