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Why Personalised Business Cards Help You Stand Out

Posted by StickerMarket on January 13, 2023

As a start-up business owner, have you ever questioned the relevance of creating and handing out business cards?

We are already in the digital era where exchanging information online is more accessible and efficient.

Sure, it really is! But handing out a personalised business card to potential clients is different.

Why? Because it is more personal. Imagine meeting potential clients in an unexpected place or event. You get the chance to exchange information about businesses. 

You found out that they can be the best potential leads. You bid goodbye to each other, but before that, you exchange a business card. But if you have no cards with you, you might lose the client.

Giving them a tangible card helps them remember you and your business after a few days, weeks, or months of meeting you. Whether the place is during an expo, at the airport lounge, or in a coffee shop.
"Business cards are more than just exchanging personal details. It boosts your credibility, creates a positive first impression, grabs attention, and acts as an ice breaker, say experts."BBC


Other people might think that cards seem a little outdated.

Little did they know handing out personalised business cards is a great advantage. It helps you stand out from your competitors who failed to do so.

In this article, you will learn the other benefits and reasons why creating personalised business cards is still relevant. And what impact it can give you and your business if distributed correctly.


Shows Professionalism

Having a business card with you wherever you go shows preparedness and professionalism. It is not necessary to give a card to everyone you meet, only to relevant potential leads.

This is also important, especially if you will attend a business conference. You will meet many business owners from different industries and many potential clients. Always carry a stack of business cards compiled by a card case to maintain its polished appearance.


Shows Personal Touch

Personalised business cards with a great layout and well-thought-out materials used are epic! Why? Because it shows personal touch that builds emotional connections with your target clients. Imagine receiving two different types of business cards from other people you network with.

One is simply plain, while the other is personalised in every detail. From there, you can tell the difference and which one exerted much effort in creating the card.


Classic Marketing Tool

What a great way to introduce yourself and your business while instilling brand reinforcement out of your business cards. The card may exist long ago, but it still retains its relevance in the digital age. In fact, the internet helps customise the card to today’s advantage.

Handing out business cards to potential clients boosts brand visibility and is a classic marketing tool that never goes out of style. 


Creates Positive First Impression

Sometimes your business will be judged based on the quality of the business cards you distribute. This is why you have to be more careful and keener in every detail creating it. Business cards could also mean representing the entire business.

Its appearance is crucial if you aim to gain a positive first impression from your prospective clients. Make sure that they are printed professionally and of high quality. 


Serves as a Great Reminder

Nothing beats giving tangible information after meeting with target clients than doing it online. Why? Because chances are, they might easily forget about you and your offer afterwards.

But giving out a business card will serve as the ultimate reminder about you no matter how many days or weeks may pass. They might contact you for business once they find your products or services reasonable to help them.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the traditional marketing approach while innovating it using modern technology advantage. Business cards remain timeless and helpful in the business field.