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Achieve Your Business Goals this Year with Vision Board & Custom Stickers

Posted by StickerMarket on March 28, 2023

How often have you set goals, lost track, and not been able to reach them?

As a small business owner, ting business goals are crucial. Know where you are at the moment, where you plan to go next, and what steps to take to be in that place you once dreamed of.

Creating goals is easy to make at first. But sustaining it is hard, especially if there is no definite guide.

This is why you need a vision board that will serve as your road map to achieving it.

What is a vision board? It is a collage where you pin images, pictures, or words to the board to manifest or visualise your goals, dreams, and desires. It helps to keep you motivated and inspired.

"According to a study, visualisation can prepare you for success and help you get closer to achieving your goals in life." — Psychology Today

What are the goals you were aiming to achieve this year?

Is it a business expansion, getting more orders, closing more deals, travelling while working, and being productive while still having time for yourself and your family?

Everything is possible if you stay connected, reminded, and determined to achieve those goals.


Photo by: Life With Sonia

Even simple words of affirmation like “You Got This” can help you keep the fire burning.

Custom stickers are the best tool to help visualise and stick with achieving your goals. Here is why you should give it a try:


Add Visual Interests

No one can dictate what your vision board should look like, but it does not have to be boring. Paper stickers are customisable and can make your board interesting and engaging visually.

Stickers are also best used to highlight specific goals or themes or to create a cohesive colour scheme.


Personalise Your Board

Make your vision board uniquely yours by personalising it using different stickers. You can assign each sticker to represent your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Say you want to label your business with vinyl stickers, bumper stickers for travels and outdoor adventures, and paper stickers for fitness and health.

Is it necessary to put different materials? It depends on you. Know that each sticker has a different role in reality since they are made from various materials and finishes. But it is up to you how you can make it unique and suitable to your taste.


Make it Fun

Designing your board is like creating art. It does not have to be perfect, and it can get messy. But the process can be fun each time you apply stickers. You can involve your family or your partner in this activity if they are part of the goals you create.

Stickers can also convey feelings and emotions on your vision board. Say you aim to have a work-life balance. You are running the business but have the freedom for recreational activities.

Add an image of an activity you would like to do as a reward to yourself if you fulfil that goal in a specific timeline.


Keeps You Motivated

It is easy to lose track of the things you want to achieve. But having a vision board keeps you motivated to continue. Why? Because it is your ultimate reminder to reach the end result and enjoy the benefits later on.

Applying stickers can also be used as visual cues for your goals and aspirations. Place your vision board in your bedroom, your office, or any place accessible and visible to your sight all the time.


Help to Stay Focused

Staying focused on the business goals you set is crucial to track progress. Do not mix the board with other aspirations, especially if it is not business-related. Make that vision board for a specific purpose.

Create other boards for another goal you want to achieve this year. Stay focused and not be distracted.

Final Thoughts

Visualising your goals is vital to keep the fire burning and to fuel your passion. Seeing the board most of the time will remind you why you are doing what you are doing. It gives you a sense of responsibility, hope, and motivation. And using stickers make your goals easy to track, especially if you have a specific timeline for execution.