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How Long Will Your Vinyl Stickers Stick Around For

Posted by StickerMarket on July 03, 2024

While it may not seem like it, longevity is vital in marketing. With today's fast-paced lives, it is understandable to think that it applies to ads and brands, too.

The main concern with things like stickers and flyers is how long they are going to last. The answer to this lies with the materials you are using. For example, ones that are made of paper will tend to expire quicker than something like PVC. But today, we are going to talk about specific sticker material and discuss how long they stay around. That material is vinyl stickers. Being one of the most popular choices for both business and personal uses, many people want to know how long their purchase is going to last.

Well, we're going to discuss that today, along with a few things you should know about the material itself. Let's get to it.


The Sticker's Life Span

So, how long do these stickers last? The answer is rather complicated. You see, it depends on a variety of different factors. You need to take things like the type of vinyl used, the adhesive, and the conditions in which you're using the stickers. Cast vinyl, for example, is often used for stickers that are meant to be used outdoors. For adhesives, there are options such as permanent and removable. As the name implies, permanent is far more difficult to remove when the time comes for you to replace them.

In general, vinyl stickers should last between 2 to 5 years in friendly conditions. If it is placed somewhere with harsh weather conditions or constant exposure to UV rays, the life span may shorten. As such, laptop stickers will last much longer than those being used for marketing purposes outdoors.

So, if you want your marketing materials to last, pick the suitable types and apply them to a surface that's clean and appropriate. Of course, there are other factors that come into play as well.


Proper Maintenance

Another essential part of longevity is knowing how to maintain the sticker properly. Aside from maintaining the integrity of your marketing tools and promotional products, you can also give customers some tips on how to preserve their stickers. While these decals hold up well against dirt, water, and sun exposure, it is best to minimize contact. Another thing that you can do is laminate the sticker itself. This will strengthen the material even further.

Try to keep the decal from getting scratched or rubbing into other surfaces so the design doesn't get damaged in any way. These are just some examples of the preventive measures that you can take to prevent your marketing tools from peeling off just after it is applied. As we've mentioned before, take care to choose the best location for maximum efficiency.


Understanding the Role of Sticker Failure

Here's something that often goes unnoticed when evaluating the longevity of a decal: sticker failure. This refers to the degradation of a decal over time, leading to it losing its effectiveness and visual power. There are various ways that loss can manifest. From peeling to fading, recognizing this is crucial in addressing any ink or material issue that may come up.

Understanding this is the key towards maintaining your advert and keeping your designs the way they are when they get printed. You can even play around with this, using unique design ideas to give your marketing tools a look that isn't found anywhere else. Combining these with creative business cards is how you'll gain new customers.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you've gained some valuable information from reading our guide! Should you take care to follow some of the steps, your decals will surely last a longer time than they usually would if you allowed your tools to degrade. You can also apply these methods and strategies to other types of stickers as well, so be sure to try it out for yourself.