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stickermarket how stickers can help you set up your stores

How Stickers Can Help You Set Up Your Stores

Posted by StickerMarket on May 16, 2024

While online shopping has become the preferred choice for many people, many still love to head to their local stores and look around. Part of the appeal is the experience and presentation, something that customers won’t experience when buying things online.

As such, if you want to make the store experience as pleasant as possible, you need to understand how to design the store’s layout properly.

Now, there isn’t really any right way of designing things. But, there’s a lot you can do to make it easier on yourself and your staff members. A simple but effective tool would be stickers. Not only are they an affordable option, but the highly customizable aspect of the sticker is what truly sets it apart the rest.

bitesize bakehouse gift box sticker

Photo by: Bitesize Bakehouse

Today, we are going to be discussing more about how stickers can help you set up your store and improve customer satisfaction all across the board. Check it out:

Unique Signs and Wayfinders

When people arrive at your store for the first time, it can be difficult to navigate without any signs or wayfinders. While you can make use of traditional signs and pointers, stickers also do the job if not better.

You can easily place stickers around the store to help customers find what they need without having to speak with the staff. With the proper directions, people should be able to go where they want to go without any issues at all.

If you want to take it a step further, you can put some decals on your windows. With this, you’ll have a stable and noticeable sign board as well. Not only that, but the options are endless.

Either you go with a traditional-looking sign or go for some lettering stickers on your windows. Being made of vinyl, you can even place these outside, giving you ways to attract customers. Don't forget to have a clever design to complement it.

window lettering vinyl decals

Overall Affordability

We’ve talked about it before, but we figured it’d be great to have a look at how affordability factors into things. For smaller businesses, many might not be able to top-of-line decorations or furniture without breaking the bank.

Cheap stickers are a great work around this. Not only do you get premium decoration materials for a discount, but they look great to boot. Depending on how you design things, you won’t have to worry about spending so much of your budget on a single aspect alone.

But the usefulness doesn’t end there. You can use various stickers for advertising campaigns as well. Fliers, company cars, employee care boxes, and product labels are just some of the effective ways you can use stickers. As your company grows, mixing them together with various approaches will help you reach new heights.

cheap custom product label

Improving Business Operations

Aside from attracting customers and making your store look nice, you can also use stickers to make work easier for your employees. For example, labels can make it easier to organize items and clean things up.

It also helps to post reminders to help people who are just starting the job. You’d be surprised at what difference taking care of the little things can make. At the same time, a well-organized store helps your customers locate the things they need right away.

Placing little QR code stickers on your products ensures that your employees will know how many you have in stock at a time. We suggest that you use this feature not just for in-store purchases but for deliveries as well.

Another thing you can use QR stickers for is to make it easy for people to find your social media pages. Having strong socials will be the key to building your brand reputation, among other things. With these tools at your disposal, running your business will become easier.

choppy's skateboard QR code vinyl sticker

Final Thoughts

And that wraps it up! Making proper use of these tools should boost your store's reputation and make it a fun place for customers to visit. You should always strive to create a place that every customer wants to come back to.

Don’t forget to mix things up as well. Using stickers is great, but solely relying on them isn’t optimal. You need to integrate them with clever marketing campaigns to get the best out of them.